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Real Estate Study Guide and Exam Prep

Need help preparing for the real estate license exam? You have come to the right place!

We will give you everything you need to prep for the real estate exam. The real estate exam is different for each state because it is comprised of a general and a state portion. Each state portion of the real estate exam covers state specific laws while the general real estate portion covers general real estate topics that are used across the country. Our real estate study guides cover the general and state portions of the exam. All states cover the same general section. .

Our study guide provide you two different methods for real estate exam preparation; One exam mode, will simulate the actual exam by asking questions and not showing the result of each answer until the test is complete. This is an important mode to train with since the anxiety of now knowing how well you are doing will prepare you for the exam. The other mode is a training mode that will allow for you to see the answers and explanation as you are taking the test. This mode will help train you on topics that you may not be as familiar with. Both modes have a random option to truly enforce your understanding and knowledge of each areas of the real estate exam. This option will "mix it up" making it difficult to memorize or predict the next questions. All of these techniques are used to ensure that you are ready to take the real estate exam.

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